The Tar-Pamlico Basin Association has monitored the basin since March 2007. The Association currently collects monthly data at 37 stations. Details of the monitoring plan can be found in the Memorandum of Agreement. The TPBA has worked cooperatively with DWQ to comply with the Tar-Pamlico Nutrient Strategy and is preparing for Phase IV negotiations.

Red pins indicate monitoring sites which can be clicked on for more information.

Field Measurements include: Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Conductivity and pH. Nutrients include Ammonia as N, Nitrate/Nitrite as N, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N, and Total Phosphorus as P. No requirements for metals monitoring are included in the current MOA, as the DWQ is currently in the process of reviewing metals water quality assessment techniques, evaluation criteria and relevant standards.

Frequency: “M”=Monthly; “M+2SM”=Monthly with Twice Monthly Summer Sampling in May, June, July, August, and September. Samples are collected at least ten days apart except when extenuating circumstances arise such as inclement weather or other emergency situations.
“ups”=upstream “dns”=downstream “stn”=station